JuanderBayan introduces the ChillMobile a compact utility and recreational transporter. 


We also rode it on an incline.

Next, we used it while pushing a cart full of stuff, even transporting each object in the trunk while on it. 

JuanderBayan is a company focused on empowering the PINOY through innovative products and services. We aim to be the tool to make people's lives better through trading, manufacturing and Information Technology at the same time provide opportunities to those who need it most. 

Our intern took it for a spin in their coutryard. 

Last March 5, we trekked over to ADB to join their Energy Efficiency Day exhibit to showcase our environmentally-friendly transporter. It was well-received by curious employees, with some even giving it a go! The fearless immediately got the hang of it proving that it only takes some guts, a relaxed state and eagerness to learn to master it. Scroll down for more photos! 

One fine afternoon, we took the ChillMobile on a caravan from Greenbelt to Rockwell, proving that with enough and CORRECT training, you can actually take it to the streets safely while having a blast!  

The ChillMobile is the first product under JuanderBayan's roster of offerings. It is a compact utility and recreational transporter with a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and can go up to 12 Km/h on a paved road or golf greens. Battery lasts for up to two to three days, while charging takes about two hours. 



We road-tested the ChillMobile at a golf course as an alternative to using a golf cart or walking. We even tried it while carrying a full golf bag. It rode smoothly on the grassy surface with ease. 

More photos from our past caravans!